Photoshoot Location

Calling All Location Scouts: Discover the Perfect Cinematic Canvas at Branxton Bank!

Are you searching for a distinctive location for your next photoshoot or film production? Need a building full of historic charm? 

A former bank constructed in 1939 now luxury accommodation, Branxton Bank is a hidden gem, offering a unique blend of history, charm, and character.

Just 45 minutes from Newcastle airport, two hours north of Sydney, or minutes from the Hunter Valley wine region, Branxton Bank is a convenient and versatile shoot location. 

Branxton Bank Hunter Valley Luxury Accommodation (6)

Historical Architecture for Exterior Shoots

The original 1939 exterior of Branxton Bank showcases classic architecture and period details such as ornate wrought iron railings, original brickwork, shutters, decorative molding, bay windows, and gabled roofs. 

These details contribute to the overall visual authenticity of many eras, including the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s in small-town Australia or England. 

With the right set design, props, and signage, the property can convincingly double as a regional post office, stately home, department store, town hall, library, book store, tea shop, antique store, general store, English manor, boutique hotel, inn or bank. 

The backyard has ample parking for production trucks and garden spaces with trees and an outdoor terrace.

The interior of the original bank is currently tenanted but can be included by negotiation. 

Residence Features

Originally the bank manager’s accommodation, The Branxton Bank residence can represent different periods, from the glamorous Roaring Twenties to the sleek lines of the Mid-Century era. 

The original cedar and heritage fittings are an ideal backdrop for period dramas, historical re-enactments, or any production requiring a timeless setting.

The bold blues, marble accents, and opulent gold and brass details add a touch of luxury to scenes set in upscale locations, such as elegant parties, high-end hotels, or lavish residences.

Location Features

Dining Room

The dining room’s deep, rich colours, such as mahogany, leather, green, and navy, could evoke a classic gentlemen's club aesthetic or intimate dinner party. 

Four Bedrooms

Each with its own character, decorated in moody blues, tartan, denim, and velvet. Charming window seats and vintage touches can evoke many eras. It can also provide accommodation for film crews, artists, or event organisers. 

The Staircase

Its oversized gold chandelier and dramatic blue walls can effortlessly shift between various styles, including the Art Deco era and beyond. Original panelling and floorboards.

The Bathrooms

Featuring herringbone tiles, brass fixtures, and original charm, the freestanding baths can provide a beautiful backdrop to a luxury modern or vintage home, upscale hotel, or spa. 


With vintage sideboards, stunning subway tiles, and other timeless touches, the kitchen could depict a hotel or upscale home.

Sitting Room

A luxurious sitting room styled with deep blues, rustic woods, creamy fabrics and vintage metals complete with fireplace.